Exhibition FROM THE NOTEBOOK. Photographs by Patrick Becker and Jan Michalko

Photographs by Patrick Becker and Jan Michalko

Raum für Fotografie at Neuköllner Leuchtturm
Emser Strasse 117, 12051 Berlin, Germany


Berlin, dec 2014. Frames and prints by Patrick Becker, Roger Minick, Jan Michalko, Jonathan van Smit, Alisa Resnik, Shinji Abe, Ingeborg Gerdes, Christian Reister, Jan Zappner, Jiri Makovec, Hannah Goldstein, Jetmir Idrizi, Andreas Pein, Holger Biermann and Sebastián Laraia


Dimitri Mellos, Jan Michalko, Gilles Roudière and Jan Zappner in the group exhibition EASTREET.
Street Photography from Eastern Europe.
3-30 October 2013 in Lublin, Poland. http://eastreet.eu

Jiri Makovec / exhibition oslo8 / 2013

Jiri Makovec at gallery oslo8 in Basel. He is showing images from New York. At the same time, it is the book launch for his new book “From the Island”.

Opening: thursday june 6 2013, 6 pm


group exhibition
Berlin, march 2013


opening: 15 march 2013
gallery weekend: 16 / 17
artist talks: 20 march


Dimitri Mellos, Holger Biermann and Patrick Beckers work is shown in the upcoming exhibition: ‘STREET SHOTS/NYC’, at the South Seaport Museum , 12 Fulton Street, NYC.

TAKE TWO: The Post-Sandy opening of the South Street Seaport Museum.
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 from 6:30 to 9:30 pm


Corinna Sauer is showing her work HOME STORY in a group exhibition with Edoardo Pasero and Francesco Merlini at Fabrica Del Vapore, Via Procaccini 4, Milano. info: http://www.prospektphoto.net …


LICHTENBERG by Holger Biermann
15 aug to 11 sept

NICE TRY by Jan Michalko
12 sept to 16 okt


at The Museum of Photography in Görlitz

Exhibition from 28 july to 24 August 2012


at the gallery of The Museum of Photography in Görlitz / Germany

Opening 27 july 2012, 7 pm
Exhibition 28 july to 24 august

Promenades Photographiques Photofestival. Vendome, France.

at Promenades Photographiques Photofestival in Vendome/France

vendome exhibition / miraprospekt.com

Photographs from Albania

Group show in Vendome, France
Promenades Photographiques Photofestival

22 June to 16 September 2012

Holger Biermann / Lichtenberg Booklet

Photographs from Berlin Lichtenberg
by Holger Biermann

nice try exhibition EO Bar / miraprospekt.com

Photographs from Berlin and east europe
travel notes by Jan Michalko and Holger Biermann.

Opening 09 feb 2012, 7pm
at GalerieCafé EntwederOder

Kulturpalast exhibition / miraprospekt.com

Berlin, January 2012

Kulturpalast exhibition / miraprospekt.com

Photographs from Cairo by Holger Biermann,
Georg Knoll, Jan Michalko and Andreas Pein.

Opening 27 jan 2012, 8 pm
at Kulturpalast Wedding International

Leica gallery solms / miraprospekt.com

Photographs from Romania by Jan Michalko

Exhibition at Leica Gallery Solms. August 2011.

AE Gallery exhibition / miraprospekt.com

Photographs from Cairo by Holger Biermann,
Jan Michalko and Andreas Pein.

Opening 15 april 2011
at AE Gallery
Potsdam, Germany