Exhibitions @ FENSTER61

FENSTER61 – Fenster für Fotoprojekte

is initiated by  Christian Reister

Upcoming exhibitions:

LICHTENBERG by Holger Biermann
15 aug to 11 sept

NICE TRY by Jan Michalko
12 sept to 16 okt

FENSTER61 (“WINDOW61″) uses an approx. 2 by 2 meter shop window in the very busy Torstraße, near subway Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin Mitte. Since 2005 photographers are presented in monthly changing exhibitions with works that more or less deal with Berlin.

FENSTER61 is not a gallery. FENSTER61 doesn’t have opening hours, since the visitor is in a public space. The window is lit at night.

FENSTER61.DE documents and archives the exhibitions.

Location // Torstraße 61, 10119 Berlin/Germany
U-Bahn: U2 Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, U8 Rosenthaler Platz

Tram: M8 // Bus: 240


LICHTENBERG by Holger Biermann

Lichtenberg begins where Holger Biermann’s Berlin tours usually end: behind Ostkreuz. Where the vast emptiness begins. Where he rarely encounters other people in the street. Dimensions are large. People have and leave one another plenty of space. He roams by himself through the tower block meadows, through allotment gardens and along private streets. At the city limits, Lichtenberg is all field and village. This is the story his photographs tell.


NICE TRY by Jan Michalko

For years, Jan Michalko has been roaming the streets with his camera. Always trying to find the unusual in the usual, always in analogue format, always on 28 mm. His style relies on coincidences and moments in which the prevailing chaos fuses into visual units. When asked about the driving force behind his work, he tells you: It is about images. We get the feeling that it is not just about images, but about constantly trying to find the one, the subjectively perfect image. And the answer to the question about the results of the day has long become a catchphrase: “Nice Try!”.