The project:

organized by Corinna Sauer, Frederico Azevedo and Germán Peraire

“We are three photographers from different countries of Europe that decided to make Berlin our home. This city is where we met, where we started to develop the idea for our common project and where we became friends. echtzeit projekt is built on this mutual idea, our passion for photography and our companionship.”
The project:

Placed in the heart of Berlin, echtzeit projekt provides a meeting place for emerging international photographers and an opportunity to work alongside photography masters. Hosting workshops with renowned experts, echtzeit projekt is an organization founded for the purpose of helping the new generation of photographers to develop.

In workshops in the center of Berlin’s vibrant artistic community, participants will have the opportunity to confront their photographic voices. They will also study and work with other upcoming artists from all over the world.

Through facilitating these international connections among both emerging artists and masters, echtzeit projekt hopes to support the growth and development of the photography of tomorrow.



Interview with Gomma magazine: