group exhibition
Berlin, march 2013


opening: 15 march 2013
gallery weekend: 16 / 17
artist talks: 20 march

Corinna Sauer / home story

by Corinna Sauer

I started with my ongoing project “home story” in 2008, when my life, the way i knew it, suddenly changed and searching for a place I could identify with and where I felt at home became very important to me. During the last few years, I travelled more then ever before and I lived in different cities and places…


Corinna Sauer is showing her work HOME STORY in a group exhibition with Edoardo Pasero and Francesco Merlini at Fabrica Del Vapore, Via Procaccini 4, Milano. info: …


organized by Corinna Sauer, Frederico Azevedo and Germán Peraire

Placed in the heart of Berlin, echtzeit projekt provides a meeting place for emerging international photographers and an opportunity to work alongside photography masters. Hosting workshops with renowned experts, echtzeit projekt is an organization founded for the purpose…