group exhibition
Berlin, march 2013


opening: 15 march 2013
gallery weekend: 16 / 17
artist talks: 20 march


at The Museum of Photography in Görlitz

Exhibition from 28 july to 24 August 2012


at the gallery of The Museum of Photography in Görlitz / Germany

Opening 27 july 2012, 7 pm
Exhibition 28 july to 24 august

Promenades Photographiques Photofestival. Vendome, France.

at Promenades Photographiques Photofestival in Vendome/France

vendome exhibition /

Photographs from Albania

Group show in Vendome, France
Promenades Photographiques Photofestival

22 June to 16 September 2012

Georg Knoll / Albania

Photographs by Georg Knoll

The pictures were taken on 5 short-trips in different parts, mainly towns, of Albania. Huge Mountains and ancient traditions still mighty, as the heaviness of the weight of Hoxha’s dictatorship…

Georg Knoll / Cairo

Photographs from Cairo by Georg Knoll

As one of the main axes the multi-level-street Sharia Ramses cuts a big part of central Cairo. On three short-trips I followed this „vene“, discovering parts of the arabian Megacity in the days…

Kulturpalast exhibition /

Berlin, January 2012

Kulturpalast exhibition /

Photographs from Cairo by Holger Biermann,
Georg Knoll, Jan Michalko and Andreas Pein.

Opening 27 jan 2012, 8 pm
at Kulturpalast Wedding International