group exhibition
Berlin, march 2013

Promenades Photographiques Photofestival. Vendome, France.

at Promenades Photographiques Photofestival in Vendome/France

vendome exhibition /

Photographs from Albania

Group show in Vendome, France
Promenades Photographiques Photofestival

22 June to 16 September 2012

Gilles Roudière / Albania

by Gilles Roudière

Albania is terrific and fascinating. Albania has a bewitching soul that cannot fail to haunt you; it exhales something mysterious, a sort of indescribable magic. The beating streams of a Mediterranean…

Sebastian Laraia / Albania

by Sebastián Laraia

I travelled to Albania, even though I didnt have a connection to either the Eastern Block countries or to the Balkans. It was just a white spot, and not only on my map…

Andreas Pein / Albania

Andreas Pein

Jan Zappner / Albania

Photographs from Albania by Jan Zappner

These pictures are loose photographic collection of moments throughout the last three years. Its an Essay about a country with spectacular nature and people with a raw personality still recovering from the „Years of the gun“, when an exodus of millions hit society…

Georg Knoll / Albania

Photographs by Georg Knoll

The pictures were taken on 5 short-trips in different parts, mainly towns, of Albania. Huge Mountains and ancient traditions still mighty, as the heaviness of the weight of Hoxha’s dictatorship…

Jan Michalko / Albania

Albania by Jan Michalko

The photographs are of ordinary Albanian life. I wanted to capture the mood of the times and the realities of daily life. These photos focus inwards…