Sebastian Laraia /

Portraits by Sebastián Laraia

If Taliban terror and photogenic heroin addicts form the popular image of Pakistan today, my own memories were shaped by foot-massage, smoking hashish and the cheerful company of the Sufis…

Patrick Becker / TERRASSEN AM ZOO

Photographs of an everyday life. Work in progress.

Black and white and in color by Patrick Becker, Holger Biermann and Jan Michalko

Henrik Malmström - Life is One Live it Well -

Photos by Henrik Malmström

Life is One Live it Well takes us back to the dodgy area of St. Georg in Hamburg and to many of its barrooms. Its ambience is imbued with visual stylization and a warm-hearted emotional immediacy towards its people who just want to be left in peace and “drink their bitter cup of broken dreams”

Richard Sandler /

New York City by Richard Sandler

Walk the streets without destination, turning left or right on a street corner or staying in one place, as your gut instinct tells you. Listen to your feelings. Bend low and shoot up to make one shot, or stand very tall and shoot down for another…

Torben Geeck /

Photographs by Torben Geeck

Taking part in the everyday life and group rituals I finally gained access to a micro society shaped by the desire to find the family most of these kids never had. The different forms of violence those kids have experienced in their childhood became an inherent component of their own personality. This violence does not necessarily turn…

Gert Jochems

Photographs by Gert Jochems

He goes to Siberia.
With a camera.
He has the disease of the distance.
When he returns his pictures leave me hot and cold.
He comes again and again…

Shinji Abe /

Photographs by Shinji Abe

Shinji Abe pursues his subjects in Osaka and Tokyo. His photographs reveal the world of the listless, the displaced, the derelict, the ecstatic. Shooting in the dark, he captures their forms with a powerful…

Jiri Makovec / From the Island /

Photographs from New York by Jirí Makovec

Investigating the mystery of the island and playing with its uncomfortable harmonies comes naturally to Makovec. What he sees on the street are many pieces of evidence that…

pbecker_china_04 Kopie

Photographs by Patrick Becker

The Uyghurs in Urumqi and Kashgar proved to be as curious about me as I was of them. Frowns and smiles were often simultaneous. A number of Uyghurs wanted to know if I was an American, and were surprised and pleased to learn…

Jonathan van Smit

Photographs by Jonathan van Smit

People can move quite a lot in a second or two and there’s rarely enough time to compose and focus so I’ve taught myself to estimate all that on the run and can change…

Roger Minick / sightseer / miraprospekt

by Roger Minick

…It wasn’t long, however, before I became aware of something else going on at the overlook: waves of tourists were continually arriving at the overlook’s parking lot in cars, buses and motorhomes, thrusting their way through this gauntlet…

Corinna Sauer / home story

by Corinna Sauer

I started with my ongoing project “home story” in 2008, when my life, the way i knew it, suddenly changed and searching for a place I could identify with and where I felt at home became very important to me. During the last few years, I travelled more then ever before and I lived in different cities and places…

Dimitri Mellos -

New York by Dimitri Mellos

I am more interested in poetry than fact, in the ever-so-slight transformation of reality achieved through a lyrical gaze rather than…

Gilles Roudière / Albania

by Gilles Roudière

Albania is terrific and fascinating. Albania has a bewitching soul that cannot fail to haunt you; it exhales something mysterious, a sort of indescribable magic. The beating streams of a Mediterranean…

Sebastian Laraia / Albania

by Sebastián Laraia

I travelled to Albania, even though I didnt have a connection to either the Eastern Block countries or to the Balkans. It was just a white spot, and not only on my map…

Patrick Becker /

Photographs from New York by Patrick Becker

I’ve been walking many miles and years there.
You won’t see any signs of gentrification or
other politically relevant issues…

Jan Michalko / Cairo

Photographs from Cairo by Jan Michalko

I am interested in how movement through cityscapes influences people, how architecture and light make shifting patterns over the surface of the city, how there are atmospheric blackholes…

Andreas Pein / Albania

Andreas Pein

Jan Zappner / Albania

Photographs from Albania by Jan Zappner

These pictures are loose photographic collection of moments throughout the last three years. Its an Essay about a country with spectacular nature and people with a raw personality still recovering from the „Years of the gun“, when an exodus of millions hit society…

Andreas Pein / Wading

Andreas Pein

Georg Knoll / Albania

Photographs by Georg Knoll

The pictures were taken on 5 short-trips in different parts, mainly towns, of Albania. Huge Mountains and ancient traditions still mighty, as the heaviness of the weight of Hoxha’s dictatorship…

Holger Biermann / Cairo

Cairo before the revolution

by Holger Biermann

I walked through this seemingly endless city in may 2009. These photographs suggest more than any of my words could possibly tell. It’s the gaze of a stranger, an aimless tourist prowling on the streets. I’ve never been on familiar terms with Cairo’s…

Jan Michalko / Albania

Albania by Jan Michalko

The photographs are of ordinary Albanian life. I wanted to capture the mood of the times and the realities of daily life. These photos focus inwards…

Georg Knoll / Cairo

Photographs from Cairo by Georg Knoll

As one of the main axes the multi-level-street Sharia Ramses cuts a big part of central Cairo. On three short-trips I followed this „vene“, discovering parts of the arabian Megacity in the days…

Jan Michalko / DRUM BUN! /

Photographs from Romania by Jan Michalko

To feel much more the clarity of this unknown dream state. I went on a journey to photograph my dreams. These results show the moods and feelings that lead me around Romania…

Andreas Pein / Wading

Andreas Pein