group exhibition
Berlin, march 2013


at The Museum of Photography in Görlitz

Exhibition from 28 july to 24 August 2012

Promenades Photographiques Photofestival. Vendome, France.

at Promenades Photographiques Photofestival in Vendome/France

Gilles Roudière / Albania

by Gilles Roudière

Albania is terrific and fascinating. Albania has a bewitching soul that cannot fail to haunt you; it exhales something mysterious, a sort of indescribable magic. The beating streams of a Mediterranean…

Sebastian Laraia / Albania

by Sebastián Laraia

I travelled to Albania, even though I didnt have a connection to either the Eastern Block countries or to the Balkans. It was just a white spot, and not only on my map…

Jan Michalko / Cairo

Photographs from Cairo by Jan Michalko

I am interested in how movement through cityscapes influences people, how architecture and light make shifting patterns over the surface of the city, how there are atmospheric blackholes…

Andreas Pein / Albania

Andreas Pein

Jan Zappner / Albania

Photographs from Albania by Jan Zappner

These pictures are loose photographic collection of moments throughout the last three years. Its an Essay about a country with spectacular nature and people with a raw personality still recovering from the „Years of the gun“, when an exodus of millions hit society…

Andreas Pein / Wading

Andreas Pein

Georg Knoll / Albania

Photographs by Georg Knoll

The pictures were taken on 5 short-trips in different parts, mainly towns, of Albania. Huge Mountains and ancient traditions still mighty, as the heaviness of the weight of Hoxha’s dictatorship…

Holger Biermann / Cairo

Cairo before the revolution

by Holger Biermann

I walked through this seemingly endless city in may 2009. These photographs suggest more than any of my words could possibly tell. It’s the gaze of a stranger, an aimless tourist prowling on the streets. I’ve never been on familiar terms with Cairo’s…

Jan Michalko / Albania

Albania by Jan Michalko

The photographs are of ordinary Albanian life. I wanted to capture the mood of the times and the realities of daily life. These photos focus inwards…

Georg Knoll / Cairo

Photographs from Cairo by Georg Knoll

As one of the main axes the multi-level-street Sharia Ramses cuts a big part of central Cairo. On three short-trips I followed this „vene“, discovering parts of the arabian Megacity in the days…

Kulturpalast exhibition /

Photographs from Cairo by Holger Biermann,
Georg Knoll, Jan Michalko and Andreas Pein.

Opening 27 jan 2012, 8 pm
at Kulturpalast Wedding International

AE Gallery exhibition /

Photographs from Cairo by Holger Biermann,
Jan Michalko and Andreas Pein.

Opening 15 april 2011
at AE Gallery
Potsdam, Germany